As an agency focused on education, we understand that different goals require different solutions. However, the first step to curating the perfect marketing strategy for your institution is understanding your target audience, fully connecting with their needs and meeting their expectations.

The Digital Natives

Who is Gen Z?

Born after 1995, Gen Z is the current generation sitting in your classrooms and enrolling in your institutions. Accounting for 40% of the total market force, this generation possesses 4 distinctive characteristics causing them to receive and interact with information differently:

1 – Technology Enthusiasts

2 – Fans of Personalisation

3 – Value Storytelling

4 – Short Attention Spans

We believe that by analysing these characteristics, we are able to determine their buyer’s journey and can effectively curate strategies for your institution.


A Buyer’s Journey Guide To Choosing An Education

When comparing the buyer’s journey of students against parents and guardians, it is evident that students are much more complexed especially, those of Gen Z. Students find it vital to experience your brand and build a strong bond with it before making up their decision and enrolling. As education marketers we understand the significance of these 2 journeys and curate our strategies accordingly to fit your audience needs.

Our Solutions


Content Marketing

Captivate your audience with  effective narratives that mirror the voice and unique values of your institution and engage your audience.


Search Engine Optimisation

Boost your traffic organically through this cost-effective solution and ensure your on-site and off-site traffic is optimised by using student-generating keywords and the latest SEO techniques.


Paid Marketing

Identify your prospects based on their online behaviour and curate targeted paid campaigns designed to convert your leads and maximise your ROI. 


Web Solutions & Optimisation

Make your first impression a lasting one with a well designed and functional website that offers great user experience for your audience and generates the best results for your brand.


Virtual Tours

Bring your campus to your prospects’ screen through an immersive 360 guided virtual tour powered by strong brand storytelling and multilingual narration.


Social Media Management

Connect with your audience and appeal to your prospects by establishing an online presence that reflects your institution’s spirit and activities 

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